Meet the Team

Darren Griffith and Daniel Pilkington are the principals at Clean Energy Solar Electric.
Why choose an electrical contracting firm that only lets you speak with the receptionist?
Why not go with a team where you can consult with the owners!

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Darren Griffin


Darren has been a professional electrician for 18 years, and has been specializing in solar for the past nine years.

A veteran electrician, Darren has the hands-on experience needed for both advanced commercial and residential projects. As a solar installer, Darren quickly became the lead technician and then the field supervisor for the company he worked for. Receiving his journeyman certification through the IBEW local 569, and subsequently received his C-10 electrical contractor license.

Darren is a family man with three children and has a vested interest in keeping the future.


Daniel Pilkington

Vice President

Daniel started his solar career as an on-site solar technician. Daniel is a Licensed Electrical Contractor with Safety and fall protection certification.

Daniel is the project manager and oversees the details of all solar installations. Daniel manages an average of two installations per week  and has participated in over one thousand solar installations.


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